Sunday, 8 September 2013


If you haven't already seen Washi Tape than you're missing out. Also known as Japanese Paper Tape, this versatile product can be used to "Jazz" up even the most boring of items.
We've gone a little Washi Tape crazy here at Pollen and Patina. We've stuck it to the computer screen boarders. We've wrapped bands on bottles. Torn strips and stuck them to cards, you may even find us wearing it.hehe
And at just $3.50 a roll, why wouldn't you find yourself going a little Washi Tape silly.
Below is some unique and quirky ways to incorporate Washi Tape in to your home and life.

All images found on Google Images search "Washi Tape"
You can also check out our Facebook Page for more ideas on Washi Tape.
Have a Tapetastic Week!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Whats in Weddings

Wow, what a busy month. We've had our first bridal expo, with one more to come next week.
Katie has spent most afternoons in front of the computer creating and contemplating.
Pollen and Patina is looking forward to its first wedding season. We just can't believe the response the store has had since opening its doors last November.
Our "Bridal Bible" is fast filling with quotes, creations and inspiring ideas with all the local bride-to-be's requesting something stunning and unusual. We know they've come to the right place.

So WHAT'S IN WEDDINGS this coming

Spring/Summer at Pollen and Patina?


We're looking forward to the introduction of seasonal choices for brides, pretty pastels and garden gorgeousness.
Themes are emerging inspired by "Great Gatsby", "Vintage Decor", "French Provincial" and "Country Class" just to name a few. Katie has been letting her imagination run wild. Brides are now looking outside the box.
We're looking forward to Peonies, David Austin’s, Hydrangea and Dahlias.
Styling marquees and homesteads in beautiful blooms and vintage decor. Creating the "WOW" factor with our suspended flowers and vintage wheel chandeliers.

Monday, 24 June 2013

How to choose a florist.

Weddings and events are many small creative business' bread and butter. But with the introduction of current wedding themes being Vintage, Milk bottle and jar tablescapes and simple garden look flowers  many bride's are taking to DIY.

I love DIY, I'm always getting my hands dirty. Give me a paintbrush, saw, drill any day, but I put all tools down when it comes to the big jobs. I'm not a builder, a graphic artists or a cake decorator. So therefor I hire a professional when needed. In the end I know it saves me money, time and I'm getting what I wanted.

As the old saying goes. Jack of all Trades, Master of None!  Many professionals in the wedding and events industry have seen the influx of novice photographers, stylist, decorators, florists and cake makers with below average industry standards. With so many in-experienced tradespeople getting around, brides and grooms are being swayed with cheap prices and promises.
Small business are closing down because they can no longer compete with freelancers who have little or no overheads to cover.



Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Fresh vs. Fake

With a coffee in hand and some time to myself, I decided to wonder the social media world. I tend to browse through all pages on Facebook associated with flowers, weddings, styling etc. So it was evident that I should stop on a local business page advertising their expertise in Artificial Wedding flowers.

I was shocked when I read their latest post, an argument against fresh flowers and their apparent over pricing.

“I just did a search on basic prices for wedding bouquets this price list is for fresh Rose bouquets very standard ...natural stems which means basically flowers are just arranged in a natural bunch.
I am actually blown away !my prices come well under this price mark I have very lifelike artificial flowers and mine last Forevermore not just the day .Food for thought”

Now I don’t want to sound bias at all in my argument for Fresh vs. Fake flowers, but I found this post by this business to be completely uninformed in regards to the reasons as to why fresh flowers appear a lot more expensive.  Personally I prefer only fresh for my Bride’s, but I do make artificial available on request. I have been dealing with quality artificial wholesalers for many years now and have to admit that choosing artificial flowers for your wedding is a much more expensive option than fresh flowers. This is because top quality artificial will last forever, look like the real deal therefor come with the appropriate price tag.

Don’t get me wrong I understand the pros and cons when comparing Fresh vs. Fake. But in all honesty have you ever heard of someone keeping their artificial bridal bouquet on display in a vase for the rest of their life? No, because fashion and trends change with the times and so will the look of your fake flowers.

So why does fresh appear to be more expensive? I battle with brides, grooms and family members alike, who all say the same thing “Why are they so much, what’s the point, they’re just going to die”. Well guess what! They’ve just answered their own question. The expertise involved in creating a bouquet, trail, table centres, buttonholes and more relies on the skill of the florist and the years of training and experience to create something amazing with a very perishable item. Being perishable means florists take time in selecting flowers to be ready at their peak, conditioning them to be perfect for your special day and dealing with growers, wholesalers and Mother Nature. Have you ever wondered how a lily is perfectly open on the day of your wedding, how did that rose bloom just the right amount or those berries matched just perfectly?  I would guess most people wouldn’t because this is the job of a highly skilled florist to do, putting your mind at ease.

So back to my response in regards to the type happy, under experienced, uninformed artificial flower business owner. A snippet from the post reads “basically flowers are just arranged in a natural bunch”, my eyes rolled when I read this, much the same as any other florist who creates both fresh and fake flowers would. Why undermine the skill that is involved in creating wedding designs. If it was that easy to arrange flowers than why aren’t brides doing it themselves? Flowers need to be plucked, sorted, stripped, wired, supported, developed and most of all arranged to create the perfect design. Than pinned, tied, bound, checked, stored and delivered. A lot easier said than done.
I could go on all day, but I think I have made my argument very clear. Using fresh flowers involves a lot of hard work, stress and skill. Florists’ don’t choose the profession to make millions, because this certainly for most will never happen; they do it for the love and passion they have for the industry. Dealing with perishable and delicate materials is not for the faint hearted. I hope that after reading this many future brides understand and appreciate the dedication it takes to become a talented florist and for my peers…they understand we are all are faced with the same arguments.