Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Wedding Design

Wedding Design

It's a super amazing, inspiring and enjoyable process, where we meet a loved up couple, work out their style, all fall in love with the process while designing and creating a mind blowing event.
Sounds pretty amazing hey!
Below is a little snippet of the process.
 Mood boards, sketches, coffee, tea, Skype sessions, phone calls, pictures, gasps and a whole lot of laughs (company policy)
We thought it's be best to share some STYLE TIPS this week.
Although not listed, our biggest tip would be "hire a professional", we know what we're doing, save you hours of hassle, expand on your original ideas to make them one epic wow wedding and make the process loads of fun.  
Everyone thinks you need to be some kind of hipster to have a  unique and personal wedding these days. Unfortunately couples think the only place to look in online and by online I mean PINTEREST. After 200hrs on Pinterest they end of with a style half way between Rustic/Vintage and Country Living magazine.
Stop yaself!
After years of being on the receiving end of Pinterest albums of  crazy amounts of unhelpful floral gorgeousness we have devised plans and procedures to extract exactly what makes up our bride and grooms style and personalities. So take note.....
Collect photographs of your favourite coffee shop, your home interior, your favourite destination, your hobbies, family and more. Sounds kinda personal hey? Well it's meant to be, we need to actually get to know you so we can create a truly personal style and event.
Contact us if you want to be inspired to be yourself at your wedding.
03 51 444 040


Thursday, 10 July 2014

That time of year

So, I’m in the middle of those months that make me think long and hard about where I’ve been and where I’m going. This time of year between my crazy wedding seasons gives me time to breathe and re-evaluate. And holy shit, what an experience of triumphs and tribulations it has been. We’re half way through the year and I’m wondering where the hell time went, if only I could insert a couple more months to achieve all the things I want.  So it’s time I take action.

I was so lucky to come across a wonderful business coach online and decided to kick my own arse, stop just “Liking” her statuses and contact her for real. After speaking on the phone for over an hour, I realised how bloody awesome my career has been and figured out exactly where I want to head next.
So now I’m fuelled with inspiration and encouragement to go out and get what I want. I’m so excited to move forward and trial new directions both in the business and personally.

So keep an eye out for new and exciting things to come! Because from today I’m going to stop taking myself so seriously. I'm calling it the  "delayed non-new years resolution" initiative, where I'm going to over share, be myself, be honest and talk too much.
(insert life changing quotation here)

Monday, 5 May 2014

How Pinteresting

It's an odd thing to admit, but I haven't found Pinterest to be all that addictive or inspiring.
Why? Some people may ask... after spending most waking moments of their day pinning away.
Well, I'm a little unease by all the creative/foxy/crafty/glittery/vintage DIY ideas clogging my news feeds and friends minds.  Some may call me a hypocrite because yes I use Pinterest, but in saying that I don't lose myself in it. Yes, it is a fabulous tool in keeping inspiring images at hand, but really...who refers to 1200 table setting images or 300 dress ideas albums.

I'm a keen supporter of DIY, I love it when my not so crafty friends take on a challenge. But what's really "Pinning me off" is the lack of individuality and personality going around (wedding bells)
How did bride's survive planning a wedding before Pinterest?
Well, the answer is much easier than it sounds. Pre-Pinterest brides had individuality and style. They planned all the little crafty things themselves, resulting in a very personal and thoughtful wedding.

When you have a think about it, your wedding day is about you. So why plan a wedding around Pinterest.  It's time to go back to basics. Think about what best represents you and your partner. Who cares if you haven't filled the venue with props. Who cares if you don't have a photo booth or a lolly buffet.
Put the Ipad down and pick up a pen and answer this simple question.

  • Why, when, where did we fall in love?

Because after the big day comes and goes I think too many forget to enjoy their day as it is. A celebration of two people who fell in love and decided to get married. Make it about each other, not about a day that can be submitted to Style me Pretty.

Remember that when choosing your florist, dress designer, venue, photographer, caterer. You are choosing them based on their style and creativity, so go ahead and pick their brain.
In a one-on-one consult I can get to know a bride, yes we'll throw around a couple of Internet images or magazine cut outs around...but most of the time I prefer to design in accordance to your style, colours, personality and make something that reflects you as a person. Not some mock bride holding a tussy mussy mess in a Californian field.

Keep it simple.

A year of Weddings

Wow, what a wedding season we have had. Last weekend ended the wedding season for us, with over 40 weddings in 6months.
 I can not believe that it is only our second year at the shop and Pollen and Patina weddings are being talked about far and wide. It's incredible to be on the other side of Victoria and hear people talk about your store or follow our facebook. It's very humbling for a little flower shop owner.
Below are just some images from a wonderful and very beautiful wedding season 2013/14

Photographers Credits

Sunday, 8 September 2013


If you haven't already seen Washi Tape than you're missing out. Also known as Japanese Paper Tape, this versatile product can be used to "Jazz" up even the most boring of items.
We've gone a little Washi Tape crazy here at Pollen and Patina. We've stuck it to the computer screen boarders. We've wrapped bands on bottles. Torn strips and stuck them to cards, you may even find us wearing it.hehe
And at just $3.50 a roll, why wouldn't you find yourself going a little Washi Tape silly.
Below is some unique and quirky ways to incorporate Washi Tape in to your home and life.

All images found on Google Images search "Washi Tape"
You can also check out our Facebook Page for more ideas on Washi Tape.
Have a Tapetastic Week!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Whats in Weddings

Wow, what a busy month. We've had our first bridal expo, with one more to come next week.
Katie has spent most afternoons in front of the computer creating and contemplating.
Pollen and Patina is looking forward to its first wedding season. We just can't believe the response the store has had since opening its doors last November.
Our "Bridal Bible" is fast filling with quotes, creations and inspiring ideas with all the local bride-to-be's requesting something stunning and unusual. We know they've come to the right place.

So WHAT'S IN WEDDINGS this coming

Spring/Summer at Pollen and Patina?


We're looking forward to the introduction of seasonal choices for brides, pretty pastels and garden gorgeousness.
Themes are emerging inspired by "Great Gatsby", "Vintage Decor", "French Provincial" and "Country Class" just to name a few. Katie has been letting her imagination run wild. Brides are now looking outside the box.
We're looking forward to Peonies, David Austin’s, Hydrangea and Dahlias.
Styling marquees and homesteads in beautiful blooms and vintage decor. Creating the "WOW" factor with our suspended flowers and vintage wheel chandeliers.

Monday, 24 June 2013

How to choose a florist.

Weddings and events are many small creative business' bread and butter. But with the introduction of current wedding themes being Vintage, Milk bottle and jar tablescapes and simple garden look flowers  many bride's are taking to DIY.

I love DIY, I'm always getting my hands dirty. Give me a paintbrush, saw, drill any day, but I put all tools down when it comes to the big jobs. I'm not a builder, a graphic artists or a cake decorator. So therefor I hire a professional when needed. In the end I know it saves me money, time and I'm getting what I wanted.

As the old saying goes. Jack of all Trades, Master of None!  Many professionals in the wedding and events industry have seen the influx of novice photographers, stylist, decorators, florists and cake makers with below average industry standards. With so many in-experienced tradespeople getting around, brides and grooms are being swayed with cheap prices and promises.
Small business are closing down because they can no longer compete with freelancers who have little or no overheads to cover.